Taurus Sign described by Rupinder Saggoo

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Ride the bull with Rupinder Saggoo

The person at whose birth the rising sign is Taurus will be fond of learned disputations, inclined to wandering, fortunate, lustful, calm-minded.

In the view of Rupinder Saggoo native with Taurus lagna is in a process of considering the value of that which their life consists of. They look at themselves, what they have acquired, and their lives to see if it is worth it, and if not what needs to be fulfilled in order to make it worthwhile.

There is an emphasis on developing that which they consider of value, which generally are those things that provide physical security, well being and joy. Though naturally pragmatic, the hardships and struggles of the world reveals to them what is important to them, what they get out of what they do, and what they want to identify with.

In the explanation of Rupinder Saggoo the evolutionary goal of Taurus is to develop the opposing quality of Scorpio. What is valuable as well is that which there is an emotional or inner need for. It is recognizing that it is the inner security which things give that is valuable, not merely the material security. Generally they must suffer some loss and crisis in order to realize this, which points them to look where it hurts. This generally gives partners that create some crisis in their lives, or a partner that suffers more than average difficulties.

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