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SIGNIFICANCE OF HOUSES: Astrologer astrovastulife.com

First house is called Lagan or Tana Sthan, Self, Appearance, Body structure, Health, Personality. Behaviour, Efficiency, Temperament, Attitude, Character, Intellect & knowledge, East direction, Birthplace, Reputation, Peace of mind, Forehead, Brain, Personal management, General health.

Second house is called as Kutumbh Sthan, Accumulated Wealth, Speech, Food Habits, expression. Ancestral Wealth, Bank Balance, Speech, Falsehood or Truthfulness, Attraction & Expression, Beauty of face, Second Marriage, Oral physical relations, Friend Circle, Joint Family, Power of observation, Restaurants, Smile, Eyes, Face, etc.

Third house is called as Prakrma Sthan, Courage, Heroism, younger siblings. Physical & moral courage, Risk taking tendencies, Fitness, Communication, Hand Writing, Pleasures, Sports, Action oriented works & Own effort, Manual efficiency, Short journeys, Mediators, Telephonic conversation, Signaling, Reporting & media, writing, Accounting, Violence, Neighbours, Neck, Ears, Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Collar bone, etc.

Fourth house is called as Sukha Sthan, Mother, Family & Family Happiness & Properties. Relation with mother, Vehicles and vehicular comforts, Own house i.e. Residence, Peace of mind, Learning, Family Travels, Cloths or dresses, Education upto graduation, Happiness, Comfort, Domestic environment, Family Enjoyments, Meditation, Moral virtues, Righteous conduct, Mind & Intellect. Father in-law, Chest/Breast, Lungs, Heart, Arteries.

Fifth house is called as Putra Sthan, Intellectual, Child birth & happiness from children. Knowledge, Love affairs, Higher Education, Deeds in Past lives, Talent, Mind & Morals, Sobriety, Pregnancy, Child Birth, Happiness from Kids, Practical application of knowledge, Foresight, Social life, Literary work, Meditation & Spiritual practice, Satisfaction, Initiation. House of creativity, Easy money, Stock market, lottery, gambling & speculation, Pleasures, Physical attraction between opposite sex, Stomach, Liver, Gall bladder, Intestines.

Sixth house is called as Shatru Sthan, Rog, Debt. Competition, Obstacles, Struggle, enemy. Epidemics, All diseases, Poison, Cruel actions, Insanity, Sin, theft, Humiliation, Maternal uncle, cousins & servants, Untimely food habits, House of service & health Troubles from relative, Extortion, Worries, Misunderstanding, swelling, Boils, heat & wounds, Large intensive, Pancreases, Urinary tract & waist.

Seventh house is called as Bharya Sthan, Marriage & Married Life, Deviation from moral ideals. Spouse, type of marriage, married life, Dance, Music & Drama, Flowers and perfumes, Business Partner, Loss of memory, Success in love affairs, Trade, gifts, Controversies, Adoption, Diplomacy, Sexual Energy, Opponents, Business, friendship, Legal ties, Honour & Reputation, Generosity, Genitals, Navel, Kidneys, Bladder.

Eighth house is called as Aayu Sthan, Major accident & losses, Secret Wealth, Longevity. Defeat, Calamities, major problems, Misery & Laziness, Fear, Punishment by govt., Sin, Insult, Weapons, Morbid sexuality, Insurance, Inheritance, Knowledge of occult Science, Deep & strong feelings, Legacies and gifts, Unearned wealth, Cause of death, Mental tensions & sorrow, Worries from ailments, Status of spouse, Testicles, Rectum, Urinary trouble, Bladder, Piles, Dead persons.

  Ninth house is called as Bhagya Sthan, Religion & religious activities, Father as preceptor, priest, Guru, Virtues, Liberality, All holy places and status of soul. Worship & purity of mind, Splendour and dignity, Foreign travels, Happiness, Paternal property, Rituals & Auspicious occasions, Good deeds, Karmas of past life, Philosophical & religious studies. Acquisition of knowledge, Research, invention, Law & Judges, Medicine, Teacher, Grand Children, Longer communications, Thighs, Hips & Back.

Tenth house is called as Karma Sthan, Profession, Father as provider, Honour & Reputation. Employer, Own business, Wealth, Appointment, Promotions, Government, Bureaucracy, Status, Respect & Authority, Command, Ambition, Energy, Self-respect, travels for profession, Commerce, Sacrifice, attainments, Public standing, Head of states, President, Employer, Mother-In-law, Knee, Joints.

Eleventh house is called as Aaay Sthan, Desire, Ambitions, Hope & Wishes. All types of Income, Elder brothers & sisters, friends, Hope & Wishes, Close associates, Long lasting friendship, Community, Society, Termination of will, Dependency, Worship, Release from hospital or imprisonment, learning, Acquisition of wealth, Cleverness, Connections, Intellectual, Interests and objectives, Victory over enemy, Legs, Daughter-in-law, Son-in-law, Close acquaintances.

Twelfth house is called as Moksha Sthan, Expenses, Hospitalization, Foreign Travel, Imprisonment. Liberation, Discharge of debts, Enemies, Loss of wealth, Unforeseen troubles, Sorrows, misfortune, Punishment, asylums, Inferiority complex, Service to society, Renouncing, death, journeys, Sexual pleasures, Extra marital relations, Sound sleep, sacrifice, Intuitive, Retirement, Escape, Feet, Conspiracy, Occult sciences crime, Poisoning, smuggling, Blackmailing, mutilation, Serious sickness, Death, Mystical & Spiritual practices.


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